While Expecting the Third Muse of Rock and Mouse

Third pregnancy in four years. It sounds pretty crazy even for me. After finding out about my third pregnancy a friend of mine asked if I really love being pregnant so much. Not really. Even though I have learned to enjoy this experience more than before (Ok it is a little bit hard to enjoy the very last „meters”). I just thought that our girls are so great that we should have one more baby J And now at the age of 3 our Luize will become the „big sister” for the second time already. And she can’t wait for it to happen!
Kids with small age gap – mostly I hear about how hard it is. But I think it is great. Not a piece of cake though. But I don’t know if anyone is so naive to think so. Almost every day I look at my oldest two and it is so great to see how they play together and have fun. I can not imagine what they would do if they didn’t have each other. I guess I should be the entertainer then.
I was asked if I feel bad about starting to work so soon after having a baby. I didn’t think about it this way but I understood that – no. If I hadn’t this project (Rock and Mouse) I wouldn’t have decided about having third child so soon. I love being mom and I endlessly love my girls but I have to have something else to focus on – it helps me to be a better mom, a better wife. This is my formula of being happy and keeping patience.
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