The story behind our new collection

I am pretty sure that the majority of parents wish for their children to grow up to be awesome people. However, the definition of ‘awesome’ probably differs a little from parent to parent, as well as the outlooks and techniques of achieving this goal. In the end of the day we will only be able to see if our approach worked once they’re grown up, right?

I am having a blast watching my little girls grow up, and I often catch myself wondering what type of people they will be when they’re older, who they will want to become, what they will dream of, what choices they will make. As a mother, what matters most to me is that they are happy. Can I teach them that? I suppose the short answer is ‘no’. However, I am a firm believer in the importance of childhood experiences and parenting.

The new collection is inspired by what I would like to teach the children.

*Rock your childhood!

This is the slogan of Rock and Mouse brand, which means enjoying the childhood to the fullest. I am sure that kids are not supposed to sit still with their hands on their laps and behave quietly so as not to disturb anyone, not to get their clothes dirty or to never get bruised. Knees always bruised? I was exactly the same way when I was little. It only shows that the child has been active and had fun, not just sat in front of the TV or the computer. Anyone who runs might fall down and get a little hurt. However, it is not a reason to never run. I want my girls to be happy, to laugh, to run, to climb. And if they happen to fall down once in a while, they just get up and keep on running.

*Sky is no limit

I would like to teach kids to dream big and believe in themselves. To try and not to give up. To go for their dreams even if there are people who doubt them. I believe that our kids will be more able to do this than we ever were. So, they will have to dream even bigger dreams and reach even higher.

*Sweet but strong

It so happens that I am a mom of three girls. (And I love it, even though some might have thought that finding out the sex of the third baby was a bit of a disappointment. I suppose most people are quite into the idea of ‘the complete set’ of boys and girls 😊 )

I have been blessed with three awesome little girls, and I hope they will grow up to be confident, smart and strong women. Once, in a conversation with my 4-year-old I told her that she is strong, to which she just laughed saying that boys are the ones who are strong, not girls. I was caught by surprise that my daughter has picked up such strong gender bias. It is fine if she likes the colour pink and princesses, but I do not want her to think that girls are week. And that is what ‘’Sweet but strong’’ is all about – it is a tribute to the girly and the feminine in combination with strength.

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