The most magical time of the year is here!

When I was a little girl, me and my sister used to mark the calendar each morning to count down the days until Christmas. We used to memorize beautiful poems to recite by the tree on Christmas Eve. In fact, we had a little contest going who could master a poem with the most verses. It was a magical time and now that I have become a mother, me and my husband get to experience this magic once again through our children’s eyes!

It has become my personal goal lately to learn to appreciate the everyday togetherness with the family more, I mean the simple things, when we are all at home with nothing in particular planned, in a way we enjoy the little things when we are on a vacation – when we’re carefree. Especially in the holiday season I find it particularly important to really be mindful and seize the moment – the beautiful memory in the making.

With four little ones at home it’s quite easy to lose oneself in the chores and responsibilities – picking up the toys, tidying up, cooking, washing up, dressing the kids and putting them to bed just to start the cycle again. This process is never-ending, and I could do it all day every day and it would never seem tidy anyway. So, I must remind myself that sometimes it’s more important to stop for a second and really appreciate the moments we can all spend together – sometimes it matters way more if I just sit down with the little ones and get it on the game, than if the floor is clean and the kitchen table is tidy.

Christmas is family time. Only this year the holiday is even more intimate than we’re used to – we spend it only with the closest of our loved ones. It is more peaceful.

I am secretly hoping that at least something good will come out of the currently challenging times with all the restrictions in place, if we manage to avoid the usual holiday fever and to slow down a little to be mindful and notice the everyday magic – the things that really matter the most.

Rock and Mouse Christmas minicollection Winter Wonder fits in beautifully with this year’s holiday season – it’s created to be perfect for a quiet evening at home when you’re watching a nice family movie with your loved ones, when kids can play freely and help mommy and daddy to bake gingerbread cookies. These are not fancy party dresses that you wear for an hour until changing into something comfy just to put the sparkly dress back into the closet. It’s comfortable yet festive – for those everyday magical moments this holiday season.

I wish you all a truly lovely and magical Christmas!


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