Fleece jumpsuit

$ 54 $ 40

Unisex baby jumpsuit, made from high quality and extra soft fleece will give your girl or boy the warm and cosy feeling of a hug.

All Rock And Mouse garments and accessories are carefully designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement and easy to maintenance so the clothing would last a long time and be practical.

Made of modal fleece (65% modal, 35% viscose).
Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber – a type of viscose fabric that gained its star hour in the era of active clothing. With the growth of active sports, the demand for breathable and highly absorbent fabrics increased for fabric manufacturers.

Modal is obtained from beech trees and, due to its natural composition, this fabric is especially breathable. The beech wood fibers are softened in liquid form and pressed through tiny holes to form the fiber. This fiber is then woven to make a modal fabric, very similar to Tencel fabric.