From Stroller Walks to Business Partners

Rock’n’Mouse is my cherished baby Fashion brand. My idea is to create practical and comfy garments that children love to wear and that will not be collecting dust in the closet.
I won’t be original – my inspiration for starting my own business was my little daughter. Becoming a mother changes a woman’s world a lot and parental leave is a very interesting period – you can stop for a while and evaluate your priorities, relationships and how far you’ve come. Both of my pregnancies revealed my creative potential – I started painting, sewing, crocheting and doing other things I hadn’t done since I was a kid. I enjoyed my time with my daughter but after a while I felt that I need to realize myself in other areas as well. I have understood that to be in harmony with myself I need some occupation outside of my life at home.
My oldest daughter was born in the summer of 2014 and an idea about baby Fashion brand – a little bit later. About a year passed from the idea to an actual brand. During this time I was collecting information, growing ideas and questioning myself all the time. Rock’n’Mouse was launched on December 2015 and one of the people I have to thank is Jelena – founder of We met because our children were born with just a week’s difference, we both live in the same place – Balozi and both used to love long stroller walks. She was one of the first people who heard about my idea, she constantly took interest in my progress and encouraged me to make it happen.
In the beginning I was working from home, I had a narrow range of products that was available only online. Now, after more than a year, we have our own showroom in the center of Riga, 26 Antonijas Street, where all customers and all those who are interested can come and see, and buy our garments. Here are two Latvian brands for children under one roof – Rock’n’Mouse and During these few years we have grown from stroller walks into business partners. And I am truly happy about it. Yet, it is only the beginning – I have loads of ideas and plans, even realizing just a half of them would be awesome.
Let the dreams come true,
Ieva Rock and Mouse

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