Does it matter who made the things you buy?

When I was younger the main factors that affected my purchases were the visual aspect and the price. Quality was not so important for me (well, my budget was pretty limited as well) and I don’t really remember caring about the origin of the goods I was buying. Hand knitted wool socks from my grandma didn’t mean that much to me.

Now when I am growing older wiser things have changed a little. I am able to afford more and I am much more selective – now I realize that I don’t need that much – quantity is not my goal. Who wants a stack of unnecessary things?

Quality and sentimental value are more significant to me now – a crystal glass set that my grandma left me (it was proudly kept in a cabinet behind a glass and used only on special occasions) is much more valuable to me than any other I can buy in the most expensive boutique.  A pestle and mortar set that we brought home from an exotic trip is not just another kitchen utensil – it has a story and bright memories behind it. And it is so great to buy strawberries from a lady who grows them herself in her little garden, or to buy a clutch bag that was created by passionate girls here in Latvia. There is a great feeling added to that kind of things – I believe it’s the love that was put in the making process.

Rock and Mouse is my „baby” – made with love and passion. And I am not saying that it alone is enough of a reason to buy something. But I am truly happy for each order and purchase, for every good review and kind comment, for each „like” and „share” in our social media era. And I am confident that all of the small manufacturers feel the same way – all those who create and make something. Does anyone in a big company do a little “happy dance” after every purchase? Small business owners do. Ok, not everybody dances 😀 But at least they smile, trust me!

Doesn’t it feel awesome to support small businesses?


Here are some of the small and not so small Latvian brands that I use and like:

  • Porcelain – podzina –
  • Design rugs – Kutis –
  • Design lamps – mammalampa –
  • Planners – Cloudberry –
  • Merino knits for babies – Karla –

…and I have my eye set on these brands for some of my future purchases:

But there are very many more.


Shop small!

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