Our First Appointment to the Dental Hygienist Together with Maminu Klubs

I was thinking about taking my eldest daughter to a hygienist already for a while. Before she has any problems. Unfortunately it remained nothing more than a good intention for almost a year. Just before her 3rd birthday we had the opportunity to visit a wonderful hygienist –  Anda Mironova in the Institute of Stomatology.
All three of us went to the appointment together. Adele, the 11 months old, had already a few teeth to show, and the doctor told us all about proper care of the first teeth (I have to admit that some things were new to me). Luize is usually quite well-behaved at the doctor’s, but I was slightly worried if she will allow getting her teeth cleaned. I enjoyed the doctor’s positive attitude and her approach to children – Luize liked the procedure and she let her little pearly whites get polished.
I have to admit that by the end both girls were quite tired of the long appointment. But I suppos
e it’s completely understandable. Watch the video to see how we did: Watch it here

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