So cute yet also practical!

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children
We’ve all been here – there’s a christening, birthday, or another event coming up for a child and you have no idea what gift to prepare! The only thing you can possibly think of is a toy of some sorts, but who knows what’s trendy now, and what if they already have it? Not to mention, you are very well aware that the particular child has one too many toys as it is. Is there anything else? There is! And we are here to throw some ideas in the mix to make this decision (and life in general by extension!) a little bit easier for you. Of course, we advise first to check if there are any particular wishes, if so, great! Now you can be sure your gift will be used and appreciated. But if not, then read on for some inspiration.

For the little cutie pies
As you might have suspected, parents usually have prepared everything they will need when the little bundle of joy arrives, as expecting parents are not known for their “come what may” attitude and, let’s face it, there is a 9 month long preparation process built-in right into the whole parenthood thing, so they have thought this through and are not relying on gifts. 😉 And, believe me, a baby does not need 4 different teething rings to match every outfit. But don’t despair! We have some ideas… drumroll Clothes! Did you suspect we’ll say this? But here’s the life hack: same as with teething rings and pacifiers, the parents will most likely have prepared what they need for the very beginning, so what could really be useful is clothes a few sizes too big, because even the ever-vigilant new parents cannot be that prepared. We suggest bodysuit dresses for girls (so cute yet also practical!) and a bodysuit and pants for a boy, or, alternatively, a set of a blanket and a beanie.
So, here you go, we’ve got you covered for the newborn party!

For the cool little dudes
We’ve heard that there are so many lovely little dresses for girls out there, but boys have been forgotten a little by the kids’ fashion industry. Honestly, we couldn’t disagree more, that’s completely inaccurate at least in our book! Little dudes are the coolest ones out there, with their football player inspired hairstyles, biker jackets, harem pants, snapback hats and carefree attitude – there is plenty to choose from for little boys and the black & white prints and classic cut clothes never go out of style!

For the rebel princesses
Little girls might be big fans of twirly skirt, tulle, ruffles, fun colors and prints, but they are not less adventurous than boys, not in the slightest! They want to climb that tree and bike and run and play just as much! So, our suggestion is to address the rebel part just as much as the princess part, and the unisex biker jacket will suit a little lady just as much, especially if paired with tulle skirt or bright pink accessories. Cute and comfortable dress combo with leggings is a winner each time, and for a small yet useful gift you can never go wrong with a cute headband! Little princesses are constantly trying to get their beautiful tresses out of the way when running towards their next adventure.

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